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Reconstructive, Regenerative and Aesthetic Surgery

The Reconstructive, Regenerative and Aesthetic Surgery department at ADK Hospital offers a wide range of reconstructive, aesthetic, and burn care services. This department is fully equipped to facilitate the treatment from post-cancer reconstruction to Congenital deformity repair to regenerative burn care and more.


Reconstructive procedures:

Comprehensive wound care

Hand reconstruction

Maxillofacial reconstruction

Congenital deformity repair

Post-cancer reconstruction

Replantation & microvascular surgery


Aesthetic procedures:

Comprehensive scar repair

Breast reduction, reconstruction & augmentation

Cosmetic Gynecology


Liposuction & body contouring

Body implants & tissue expansion

Hair transplant

Blepharoplasty and otoplasty

Lip enhancement, augmentation & reduction


Burn care:

Acute emergency treatments

Regenerative burn care

Autograft and skin substitute procedures

Contracture & scar correction

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