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Honesty is an essential value of our academic community. You are here to learn, and learning depends upon hard work and academic honesty. Your instructors set high standards and expect you to do your very best, completing your work honestly. 
Any student who registers for courses in the ADK School of Health Sciences has, in essence, agreed to the value of learning and thus to the importance of the School's Code of Academic Honesty. 
Student pledge 
All students are required to undertake the following pledge as part of the enrolment in the School. 
Students who choose not to live up to this pledge will be asked to leave the School as per the provisions of this code. 
   "I pledge to do my own academic work and to excel to the best of my abilities, upholding the ADK School of Health      Sciences Challenge. I promise not to lie about my academic work, to cheat, or to steal the words or ideas of others, nor will I help fellow students to violate the Code of Academic Honesty." 
The following are examples of offenses against the Code of Academic Honesty in the ADK School of Health Sciences. Many of these categories overlap. Offenses are not limited to this list and include other types of cheating, misrepresentation, and dishonesty. 
Cheating on quizzes and exams 
Using notes, books, calculators, phones, photos, computers, web sites, tweets, social media, or other aids during a quiz or an exam when not allowed by the instructor.
Talking during a quiz or exam when told by the instructor talking is not permitted.
Looking at another student's exam or quiz during the testing period.
Continuing to work on a quiz or exam after the instructor has notified students that time for the tes

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  • Celebrating Nurses Day Events 2024

    May 12, 2024 - Nurses day events every year is held to honor the dedication and hard work of nurses around the world. We, at ADK hospital, began the celebration of nurses’ week with a healthy home-made breakfast on 6th May 2024. Invitees from all the departments of the hospital took part in this event. The essence of the event was to uplift the spirit of inclusivity, appreciate nurses and their contributions while fostering a sense of community and well being within the nursing profession.

  • Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the 11th Employee Performance Awards at ADK Hospital

    December 9, 2023 - ADK Hospital celebrated Annual Employee Performance Awards (EPA) at Ghiyasuddin International School. The Employee of the Year 2023 award was won by Ms. Seema Mohamed, Coordinator – Clinical Support Service, who received MVR. 15,000 cash prize and 5-nights holiday package for 2 people to experience the wonders of a Wild Life Safari in Kenya.