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Obstetrics & Gynecology

This department offers the diagnostic and therapeutic services by comprehensive methods of care , which include:

Maternity clinic to look after the pregnant from the beginning to the post-natal period by using the periodic U.S., Fetal heart monitor.

Lab investigations.

Gynaecology clinic for reproductive system diseases such as infections, fibroma, ovaries cysts and cervical ulceration and treat the patients according to the latest procedures that are used internationally and provision of contraceptive services according to WHO guidelines.

Infertility Clinic to study the cases of primary and secondary infertility problems and to find the curing methods.




  • Antenatal and post natal follow up
  • All Gynecology / Obstetrics operations
  • Treatment of Gynecology Infections with the best modern and advanced techniques.
  • Infertility treatment and artificial insemination
  • Treatment of hormones and cycling disorders
  • Cosmetic operations of the perineum postnatal
  • High Risk pregnancy
  • Management of miscarriage
  • Minimal access surgery


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