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The purpose of this Policy is to provide a mechanism for individual employees to raise a grievance arising from their employment. The Policy will also ensure that such grievances are dealt with promptly, fairly and in accordance with other related Policies of the Organization. This includes concerns from an employee about an action that has been taken and or an in-action, or a contemplated action in relation to them by a supervisor, another employee or from the Management.

This policy should be read in conjunction with other related Policy Documents such as the Code of Conduct, Policy Against Harassment and the Respect for Colleagues Guideline. Any additional related Policies passed by the Organization will automatically become conjunct to this Policy.


The initial approach to settling any issue is open communication.  An employee should first seek to resolve any complaint with his/her immediate supervisor through informal discussion.  If such discussion does not resolve the matter informally, and the employee believes that his/her complaint rises to the level of a grievance, then the employee may initiate a formal grievance as described in this policy in an effort to seek an equitable solution.

For the purposes of this Policy, a ‘grievance’ is defined as any type of problem, concern, or complaint related to work or the work environment. A grievance may be about and act, omission, situation, or decision that the Employee thinks to be unfair, discriminatory, or unjustified.

The Policy will not cover matters of Employment that has a separate appeals process through other established Policies and procedures of the Hospital. This Grievance Policy shall not be available to contest, dismissal, demotion, suspension or other disciplinary measure. If a grievance is filed and a disciplinary action has begun for the same or related issue, no further action shall be taken with the grievance procedures while such disciplinary action is pending.


Whenever the grievance procedure is being followed, it is important that issues are dealt with fairly. The following elements shall be considered in doing so:

  • All employees should always try to resolve problems in the work place at the earliest possible opportunity and usually with the least possible formality.
  • All efforts shall be put to address matters before they reach the stage of becoming a formal grievance issue.
  • All employees should raise and deal with issues promptly and should not unreasonably delay meetings, decisions or confirmation of those decisions.
  • All employees should act consistently.

The Hospital recognizes that a formal grievance procedure can be a stressful and upsetting experience for all employees involved. Hence, employees involved in the process are entitled to be treated calmly with respect wile upholding confidentiality. The Hospital will not accept and/or tolerate abusive or insulting behavior form anyone taking part in or conducting grievance procedures. Any such behavior will be treated as misconduct under the disciplinary Policies of the Hospital.

The Hospital also recognizes the diverse needs of the services provided as well as that of the workforce. Hence this Policy is aimed to provide a common platform that ensures the processes implemented under this Policy does not place any employee at a disadvantage over others.


This Policy applies to grievances filed once the Policy comes into effect. No grievance shall be heard unless it has been filed under the process of lodging within thirty (30) calendar days after the act or the condition giving rise to the grievance.


The Managing Director shall appoint a four (4) member Grievance Committee within fifteen (15) days of ratification of this Policy.

In appointing members to the committee, gender representation and a cross section of different levels of competent staff shall be considered. New members shall be appointed to the Grievance Committee once a year.


Developing and implementing a procedure for lodging and managing grievances shall compliment this Policy. The Human Resources Department shall develop such procedures in consultation with the Management and the Grievance Committee no later than thirty (30) days from the appointment of the Grievance Committee.


The Grievance Committee shall be responsible to ensure that grievances are dealt with effectively in accordance with the Grievance Procedures set out for the implementation of this Policy.

In doing so, the Committee shall adhere to the following principles

  • Take grievances seriously taking on board why the employee feels aggrieved, unhappy or dissatisfied,
  • Investigate the facts and surrounding circumstances, and showing the employees that this been done thoroughly and sensitively,
  • Actively look for a solution that will satisfy the employee, where practical, without causing disproportionate difficulty for the organization or the Employee’s colleagues,
  • Provide feedback to the employee about what can, and cannot be done to resolve the grievance,
  • Take necessary follow-up action


The Committee should ensure that the following minimal set of records is kept for matters attended by the Committee. The Human Resources department shall be the responsible unit that ensures the filing and safekeeping of the records.

  • The nature of the grievance
  • Written grievance statement
  • Action taken with reasons for it to be taken
  • A written statement of the decisions


The decisions of the Committee shall be final. However, the Grievance Procedure should include an appeals mechanism whereby, a grievant can raise further dissatisfaction with a decision of the Committee. The Committee shall send to the grievant, a written statement of its decision within ten (10) days of completion of the process.


All members of the Grievance Committee and those assigned for record keeping, as well as any staff member questioned in relation to an issue at hand, are bound by the duty of confidentiality ant all times and hold in confidence, all documentation and information exchanged in the process.

October 2012



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