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Dear Employees

Being the largest private healthcare provider in the Maldives it is the commitment of ADK Hospitals to provide the high quality patient care, gain the trust and demonstrate integrity to our patients and the communities we serve. It is our goal to strive to provide an ethical and compassionate approach to health care.

ADK group of companies to which ADK Hospital belongs to along with many other businesses is a well known brand name in the Maldives, the Hospital expects and request all the employees to uphold the value, brand name and at all times create a positive image of the Hospital and the ADK name itself. As an employee you are part of the ADK Group and the Hospital will ensure that you are treated with respect and warmth of as a family member.   

The Executive Management Board of ADK Hospital has adopted the General Code of Conduct to assist all of us in accomplishing the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the Hospital. I expect these commitments to be of the highest priorities for all the employees of the hospital be-it providing health care to a patient or providing information to a bystander.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to inform all employees, volunteers, suppliers, and other parties of our standards. ADK Hospital is committed to approaching all of its activities, especially compliance with laws and regulations, in an ethical manner. Since all employees of ADK Hospital has a personal stake in this important initiative, I strongly urge each of you to review this information thoroughly and refer to it whenever situations arise requiring you to exercise your judgment. This Code of Conduct is meant to provide you with guidance on ethical and compliance issues. At the same time, we recognize that it is impossible to cover every issue you may encounter day to day. If you have a question, or encounter a situation, which concerns you, you should ask for assistance through your Supervisor, Manager, or Senior Management. You have my personal assurance that no retaliatory action will ever be taken against you for asking a question or raising a concern in good faith about the Code of Conduct in fact we will appreciate those honest enquiries and feedback.

ADK Hospital with its initiatives and continuous strive to quality and service improvements is a health care leader in the Maldives. Concentrating in ethical and compliance practices of the employee and setting benchmarks in Quality and Service improvement is what will always make ensure the progress of the Hospital. The focusing of our efforts on ethics and sound compliance program will be the threshold for a stronger organization. I request and encourage all the employees to join in our commitment to these goals so that we can continue to be proud of our healthcare establishment and be leader in the Healthcare sector of the Maldives and in future this region.

Ahmed Afaal



ADK Hospitals expects it employees to strive for the highest ethical standards of conduct and commitment of their best effort in representing the hospital to the patients, visitors, government bodies, independent commissions and suppliers.

The General Code of Conduct along with the Code of Professional Conduct is a guide for all the employees of ADK Hospital of the expectation of the standard of behavior expected by Hospital of its employees. It is about articulating the responsibility we all share to provide quality healthcare to our patients and to conduct all patient care and business activities ethically, with integrity, and consistent with applicable laws.  The Code of Conduct will help set ADK Hospital apart from others and ensure our behaviors demonstrate our Vision, Mission and Core values.

This Code of Conduct is an ongoing process and will be updated from time to time according the needs and expectation of the Hospital.

Responsibilities under the Code

The users of the ADK Hospitals of Code of Conduct

This Code applies to all Directors, Managers, Employees, Volunteers, Contractors, Vendors, Interns, Students and Agents of ADK Hospitals.

Implementation of the ADK Hospitals of Code of Conduct

The Senior Management, Heads of Departments and Supervisors are responsible for their staff and should remind and ensure that their staff abide by and adhere to GCC.

The responsibilities of each employee with regard to the Code

Ensure that you understand how the Code applies to your job and seek assistance and clarification from your supervisor or other relevant staffs when you have questions about the application of the Code, Standards and Policies to your work.

Employees must at all times understand that persistent deviation from the General Code of Conduct will put the employment of the employee at risk.

Report any conduct that you think may be in violation of the Code.

Listen and respond to questions, complaints or concerns expressed by patients, family members, visitors, or co-workers.

Employees are advised to cooperate fully where an investigation maybe under taken.

Breaches of Code / Monitoring and Compliance

The Corporate Affairs Department will monitor those instances of breaches of the General Code of Conduct which have been brought to their attention and if deemed necessary may forward the matter to the Professional Standards and Ethics Committee for action.

Quality of Service and Care

Employees of ADK Hospitals must ensure that the services provided by the Hospital are of the highest quality with compassion and reliable service to the Hospitals patients.

  1. Employees should honor the dignity and privacy of each of our patients and should treat them at all times with consideration, courtesy and respect.
  2. Employees should provide appropriate and timely care to all patients without regard to race, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability, and political status.
  3. Employees should provide patient care that conforms to acceptable clinical and safety standards.
  4. Employees should maintain complete and thorough records of patient information to fulfill the requirements set forth in the Hospitals policies, insurance requirements, accreditation standards and applicable laws and regulations.
  5. Employees should support and promote a continuous quality and performance improvement program throughout the Hospital
  6. Employees continuously strive toward a culture of patient safety.

Confidentiality and Privacy

ADK Hospitals is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of patient and employee information in accordance with legal and ethical standards. Breaches of confidentiality will not be tolerated.

  1. Employees must adhere to all established confidentiality and privacy policies, procedures and laws.
  2. Employees must always respect the privacy of the Hospitals patients, by standers, visitors, fellow employees, and medical staff.
  3. Employees must at all times protect and safeguard patients’ health and personal information and employees’ personal information in all forms, including paper, electronic, verbal, telephonic, or any other form.
  4. Employees should access a patient’s medical data only when involved in that patient’s care, or when access is needed for a legitimate work-related reason such as medical treatment, billing, administrative, teaching or research requirements.
  5. Employees should not discuss patient information in any public area, including elevators, hallways and canteen.
  6. Employees should not discuss patient’s information in front of other patients or with other patients. 
  7. Employees should only use patient information for its intended purpose only.

Workplace, Environment and Behavior

All Employees of ADK Hospitals should treat all people with respect, dignity and courtesy. ADK Hospitals recognize that its greatest strength lies in the talent of the staff who create the Organization’s success and determine its reputation.

  1. All employees should demonstrate honesty, integrity and fairness in the performance of their duties.
  2. Employees should report time and attendance accurately and work productively while on duty.
  3. Employees must ensure that they adhere to the overtime policy.
  4. All employees should encourage teamwork and create structures processes and programs that enable a positive culture to flourish. Disruptive behavior that intimidates others and affects morale or staff turnover will not be tolerated and will be addressed appropriately.
  5. All employees should refrain from any act of retaliation or reprisal against another employee who in good faith reports a violation of law, regulation, standard, Hospital policy or the Code of Conduct.
  6. All employees should make every effort to prevent and detect, and report any fraudulent, wasteful or abusive activity, which may affect the Hospitals patients and employees or resources.
  7. All employees are prohibited from the use of alcohol, drugs in workplace and should not report to work under the influence of alcohol and/or an addictive drug.
  8. ADK Hospitals expect all employees and to conform to the standards of their professions and exercise appropriate judgment in the performance of their duties.
  9. All prospective employees are required to disclose any documentation that state that they have not been sanctioned by any regulatory agency and are eligible to perform their designated responsibilities.
  10. All Employees should familiarize themselves and comply with the contents of the Hospital’s Employee Handbook and the Code of Conduct as well as with the policies and procedures applicable to the employment and responsibilities at the Hospital.
  11. Employees must report any practice or condition that may violate any law, rule, regulation, safety standard, Hospital policy or the Code of Conduct to immediate supervisor, management, the Quality and Medico Legal Executive.
  12. All employees should ensure to procure, maintain, dispense and transport drugs and controlled substances used in the treatment of patients according to applicable laws and regulations.
  13. Any statement to a government body or independent commission by an Employee regarding work related matter should only be made with prior approval from the Management.
  14. Employees must refrain from using social media during working hours, which will hinder the quality of service.
  15. Employees who use social media after office hours should refrain from making statements with regard to the Hospital and its services unless authorized to do so and should not disclose any confidential information of the Hospital, Employees and Patients.

Conflicts of Interest

All Employees of ADK Hospital should perform their duties on behalf of the Hospital and its patients and should avoid conflicts or the appearance of conflicts between employees’ own interests or an outside interest and the interests of the Hospital.

  1. All employees should devote their full time and ability to the Hospital during working hours.
  2. Employees should not engage in any activity, practice or act that creates an actual or apparent conflict with the interests of the Hospital
  3. Employees should report actual or potential conflicts of interest to the immediate supervisor or manager.
  4. Personal or official fund raising activities should only be conducted with the approval of the Managing Director, and unless otherwise are prohibited from being conducted onsite or during work hours. This prohibition includes use of the Hospital facilities and resources.
  5. Employees should act in the best interest of the Hospital, as an agent of the Hospital, and in dealings with suppliers, customers or government and non-government agencies and independent commissions. This obligation includes those acts formalized in written contracts, as well as everyday business relationships with vendors, customers, government officials and government employees.
  6. All Employees are strictly prohibited from giving or receiving payments, kickback or bribe to induce the referral or the purchase of any healthcare service, equipment, medicine and consumables.
  7. No employee shall accept any improper inducements or favors and kickbacks from vendors to influence our patients or others connected with the Hospital to use a particular product or service.
  8. All employees must inform vendors of the Hospitals policies regarding ethical business conduct and compliance with law, as well as our expectation that vendors act in accordance with such law and policies.

Safeguarding Hospitals Resources and Assets

Employees should ensure safeguard the hospitals assets and physical property and ensure the appropriate use of the hospitals resources.

  1. Employees should protect the assets of the Hospital and the assets of others entrusted to the Hospital against loss, theft or misuse. This includes physical and intellectual property.
  2. All employees should maintain internal controls within their areas of responsibility to safeguard the Hospital’s assets and verify the accuracy of financial statements and all other records and reports.
  3. All Employees must use Hospital property appropriately and take measures to prevent any unexpected loss of equipment, supplies, materials or services.
  4. Employees should adhere to established policies and procedures governing record management and comply with the record retention and destruction policies/schedules for their departments.

Environment, Health and Safety

ADK Hospitals is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for the health and safety of its patients, visitors and employees.

  1. Employees must comply with and abide by all applicable environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations established by Management, Government or accrediting organizations.
  2. Employees will take all reasonable precautions such as using safety equipment and gears and follow all rules and regulations to maintain a safe environment for the Hospitals patients, their families, employees, and visitors.
  3. Employees should exercise good judgment with regard to the environmental aspects of the use of Hospital buildings, property, laboratory processes and medical products.
  4. The Hospital is a smoke-free environment and all employees should comply with established policies in this matter.
  5. Employees should immediately advise their supervisor if, as a result of work, they are injured or contract an occupational illness.
  6. Employees should alert the appropriate departments and personnel if unsafe conditions or practices are observed in the work environment.
  7. Employees shall adhere to all regulations and procedures for disposing of medical waste and hazardous material.
  8. Employees should promptly report all spills or accidents involving medical waste or Hazardous materials to a supervisor and take immediate action to help prevent harm and/or further damage.
  9. Employees should safely store, secure, and count all drugs and pharmaceuticals. Missing or diverted drugs will be promptly reported to the appropriate supervisor.

Employee Issues and Concerns

If there is a question, query or concern about a situation that an employee feels may be illegal or unethical, please seek guidance from the immediate supervisor. If employees feel uncomfortable addressing the issue with the immediate supervisor or the supervisor has failed to address the issue in a timely manner then please inform the Corporate Affairs Manager or Quality and Medico Legal Executive. The Management is committed in responding to issues or concerns identified by employees.

January 2013


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