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Professional Standards and Ethics Committee



The Professional Standards and Ethics Committee (PSEC) will be an essential part of embedding ethical values and professional standards throughout the organization. It ensures the adherence to the standards and values stipulated in the organization’s policy document, in particular, the Code of Professional Conduct. It does this by investigating and reviewing complaints related to misconduct and taking disciplinary action where required.

The establishment of the Committee will be an indication to staff that the adherence to professional standards and upholding of ethical values are taken seriously at the top.


The PSEC shall be ratified by the Executive Management Board of ADK Hospital, and authorized to take disciplinary actions on professional staff.

The guiding documents will be the Code of Professional Conduct, the Nursing Council Code of Ethics, and the Code of Ethics for Allied Health Professionals, the employment contract, and the Employment Law of Maldives. Breaches of rules contained within these documents are considered to be ‘misconduct’.

Misconduct may fall into the following categories:

  • A refusal to comply with reasonable requirements of ADK Hospital, or failure to fulfill contractual obligations.
  • An infringement of the Code of Professional Conduct and other rules stated by the regulatory bodies.
  • Willful, careless, inappropriate or unethical behavior likely to compromise standards of care.
  • Commission of offences under the Laws of Maldives.

There is no distinction between professional and personal misconduct, and all professional staff (doctors, nurses, dentists, allied health professionals) will be disciplined for misconduct under the same procedures as any other staff member.


The PSEC will be composed of members appointed by the Managing Director of ADK Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. The Managing Director may re-compose the committee from time to time if deemed necessary.

In composing the PSEC, a cross-section of professional and administrative membership should always be considered including, but not limited to medical, nursing, quality assurance, legal and general administration.

The PSCE should comprise with a maximum of seven (7) full members. The Committee may invite relevant resource personnel from different departments depending on the issue at hand.


Review of Complaints:

The PSEC will review complaints on disciplinary matters forwarded to it after proper investigation by the MLQAE. The PSEC may, at its discretion, summon before it the staff whose conduct is the subject of the complaint.

Taking disciplinary action:

When serious concerns are raised about a professional staff, the PSEC will have the power to make a range of decisions as appropriate. The PSEC shall develop a guidance document for disciplinary action and shall at all times keep documentation of actions taken by the Committee.

As a general rule, no staff should be dismissed for a first offence, unless it is one of gross misconduct.

Any decisions made will be documented in the performance appraisal and in any feedback sent to concerned Councils or government offices.

Reporting to regulatory bodies:

The duty to protect patients is paramount. If the PSEC reaches in its clear judgment that a professional staff is considered to be a serious potential danger to patients or staff, the matter must be referred to the concerned Council with which the staff is registered.

Advisory Role:

The committee should have an advisory and advocacy role to promote good and ethical standards of practice within the organization.


The PSEC shall use its best efforts to reach all its decisions by consensus. If it cannot be reached, any member may call for a vote. In order to pass, a majority of the members present must vote affirmatively.


All members of the PSEC are bound by the duty of confidentiality at all times, and hold in confidence all documentation and information received.

September 2012


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