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Below is a of doctors who works in the hospital.

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Dr. Sajad Ahmad Malik

Department: Endocrinology
License: TMR3881

Senior Consultant in Endocrinology

Dr. Samyam Parajuli

Department: E.N.T
Joined: 4 May 2024
License: TMR6230

Senior Consultant in ENT

Dr. Sana Majdhee

Department: Medical Officers
Joined: 15 May 2021

Medical Officer

Dr. Sandip Giri

Department: Radiology
Joined: 22 June 2024
License: TMR5522

Senior Consultant in Radiology

Dr. Sariu Ali Didi

Department: Rheumatology
Joined: 6 June 2024
License: PMR0265

Consultant in Rheumatology

Dr. Sasi Seerappan

Department: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Joined: 14 September 2014
License: TMR3127

Consultant in Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dr. Sasikumar Atthipalayam Chellamuthu

Department: Neurology
Joined: 11 August 2014
License: TMR3144

Senior Consultant, Neurologist

Dr. Saudhath Ibrahim

Department: Medical Officers
Joined: 17 August 2022

Medical officer

Dr. Seema Umar

Department: Microbiology
Joined: 26 January 2022
License: PMR0270

Consultant in Microbiology

Dr. Shafraz Mohamed Shaheid

Department: Orthopedics
Joined: 3 October 2018
License: TMR4164

Consultant in Orthopedics