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Clinical Audit

Audit is well recognized as a fundamental and compulsory part of clinical practice for quality assurance to attain international standards.

Your journey : our business

Maldives Airport Company Maldives Airports Company has awarded ADK Hospital exclusivity to conduct Aviation Class III medical certification for all their employees who require the Medical for the

Customer Service Week

By: Hawwa Ali, Customer Relations Officer Customer serviceprofessionals play a vital role in an organization. They are often the face of a company and the impressions they make have a lasting and

Prayer Room

Prayer room located near main Laboratory stairs A prayer room is something that has been missing in the Hospital for quite sometime. Patients, bystanders and even staff ask about the possibility of

V-Care activities …

By: V-Care Team V-Care Nurses Club takes pleasure in writing about our activities on TeamTalk. As we are working hard to achieve our goals and ambitions, we wish to share some of the activities we

In Dr. Nuha’s words …

Employee of the Year 2010 I am immensely proud  to have been rewarded as the ADK Hospital’s  Employee of the Year 2010. ADK as a company is reputed and respected  in Maldives. Health of a

TeamTalk goes online

Issue 20: November 2011 – TT TeamTalk (TT) has not had a smooth history. Intermittent discontinuations and re-publications have been part of TT’s life in the past. It was with great determination

Employee Performance Awards 2010. The Winners …

Following are the winners of EPA 2010. Employee of the Year 2010.

Violence in healthcare! How common is it?

Issue 19: October 2011 – Mariyam Nashrath (Director of Nursing) Workplace violence (WPV) is of national and international concern and it is recognized as a major occupational hazard for many

V-Care Nurses Club

Issue 19: October 2011 – V-Care team Logo of V-Care V-Care is an initiative taken by the nurses of ADK Hospital. The main objectives of the club are To improve nursing care by promoting evidence

WHO Consultants take CME Session for ADK Hospital Staff

Issue 19: October 2010 – Dr. Ahmed Jamsheed Mohamed (COO) The visiting WHO consultants in Male’ to conduct training of healthcare providers on dengue diagnosis and management held a special

Employee Recognition

Issue 19: October 2011 – Ahmed Afaal (MD) Employee of the Year 2010: Dr. Nuha Abdul Guddoos Employee recognition is not just a nice thing to do for people. Employee recognition is a communication

Why do we get Angry?

Why is it that some people get angry at the littlest thing while others have the patience of Job? New research from the University of Cambridge.

New Services …

On 16 July 2011, Dietetic Services were initiated in the Hospital. Most of the hospitals around the world have this service in order to ensure that patients are provided with...

One Happy Customer!

A couple of days ago when I was just about to leave the office after a tiring days work, a customer approached me. He called my name and I stopped to greet him.

The fight against dengue should go on

Dengue Fever (DF) is the fastest emerging arboviral infection, spread by Aedes mosquitoes and a major public health problem in most of the tropical and sub-tropical countries.

Back with a bang!

Does it come to you as a surprise that TT is back again? Wondering how long will it last? Well keep reading.

In Full Swing

Team Talk brought to you news of the foundation ceremony of ADK Hospital new building on its July 2008 issue.

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  • Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the 11th Employee Performance Awards at ADK Hospital

    December 9, 2023 - ADK Hospital celebrated Annual Employee Performance Awards (EPA) at Ghiyasuddin International School. The Employee of the Year 2023 award was won by Ms. Seema Mohamed, Coordinator – Clinical Support Service, who received MVR. 15,000 cash prize and 5-nights holiday package for 2 people to experience the wonders of a Wild Life Safari in Kenya.

  • NEP Workshop

    July 17, 2023 - ADK Hospital, in collaboration with Waldives, is delighted to announce the successful inauguration of the Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring (IONM) Workshop.